Welcome! Land of Noms is a joint venture between a culinary genius (sort of) and a designer wiz (for realz). We both enjoy great food and design. Megan creates, cooks, and writes; Ryan handles the photography and maintaining the technical aspects of the blog. Megan learned to cook by trial and error on nights and weekends. Ryan has a background in design and is accomplished in his profession (aka designer-superhero-coding-wiz). Seattle based but born and raised in Michigan, both love farmers markets, craft beer, and the outdoors.

Land of Noms Manifesto:

  • Simple ingredients - we try not to use ingredients you'll have to search all over town to obtain
  • No expensive kitchen gadgets - there's nothing more frustrating that spending money on a gadget you'll use once or twice in your lifetime
  • Sustainable - whenever possible, use local ingredients, sourced in sustainable methods

Most Land of Noms recipes are designed for two servings unless otherwise noted.

Land of Noms is glad you stopped by!